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Unit Stills Photographers JessAndy Studios of Kelowna, BC photograph stills and bts for the Motion Picture and Canadian Film Industry. Official photographers for Endless, A Score to Settle, Daughter of the Wolf and many others - we are available for actors headshots , gallery, movie and television productions.

See Jessica photographing on the set of A Score to Settle with Nicolas Cage.


See Andy photographing on the set of Daughter of The Wolf with Richard Dreyfus and Gina Carano


Professional headshot and actors portraits by Jessica and Andy Schlamp, Okanagan Film, Gallery, Location Scout and Unit Stills Photographers. Contact them at info@jessica-andy.ca about your upcoming film production or if we can help your brand as an actor with a quality headshot or gallery session to showcase your personality and professionalism.

©JessAndy Studios, www.jessica-andy.ca, @jessandyphoto