Meet Kelowna Wedding Photographers Jessica & Andy


When we began photographing weddings in 2010 we had no idea what excitement the future would hold! From humble beginnings photographing a mix of everything, we rebranded as married wedding photographers in 2012 and immediately set to work to grow a skill set that even we would be amazed by! Fast forward 2 years and we realized it was time to get really serious about creating exceptional images. So we began diving in to the mastery of lighting and composition. We began pushing the limits of our own understanding, pouring over the work of great artists in our industry, and fine tuning our business processes. And our reputation quickly began to grow as leaders in the luxury client experience.

It didn't take long for us to realize that we absolutely LOVED weddings in every way, and we loved working together. The dynamic that a husband-wife duo brings to a wedding day is truly something special. So we pushed ourselves to level up in every facet of our business. We joined associations, entered awards, asked for feedback, invested in amazing business management software, built relationships, and started researching ways to help the wedding industry flourish.

Since then we have been privileged to photograph for people from all over the world, including high profile clients such as former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Hollywood actors such as Nicolas Cage and Alexandria Shipp, Mark Anthony, NHL Players, and influencers such as Ling Agaran. We are truly masters of our craft and are thrilled to provide photography services to the most discerning client who demands only the best. You deserve it!


The unparalleled JessAndy Experience will leave you speechless. We won't settle for anything but extraordinary. Extraordinary technique, light, emotion, service and results. No two images are exactly alike, every photo INCREDIBLE. This is our promise to you!

Jessica & Andy

Vancouver wedding photographer
Vancouver wedding photographer
Vancouver wedding photographer

Jessica and Andy Schlamp are multi award winning International wedding and unit stills photographers from Kelowna, Canada. Masters of light and luxury - our documentary, studio and wedding photos can be found all around the world. We are humbled to have won 14 photography awards and seen our images featured in many dozens of publications, websites and movies. But more than that, we are honoured to consider ourselves friends to each of our amazing clients from all around the world. Our hearts and deepest gratitude go out to them.

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