Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa

This incredible Resort and wedding venue in Harrison - not far from Chilliwak and Vancouver, BC - is our favourite spot to vacation.  In the 11 years we have been married we have stayed there 12 times and it never ceases to amaze!  As a wedding destination you will be wowed by the gorgeous pools and spa with scenic mountain backdrops and crisp, fresh air.  In front of the Resort you will find Harrison Lake, with a private marina for you and your guests.  All through and around the resort are beautiful trails, amazing foliage, lush forest and adorable wildlife.  It's a place you will have to come back to visit time and time again!  The perfect place to be pampered.  A wedding venue your guests will rave about all year long.  There is nothing comparable in all of BC!  

We would love to photograph your Harrison Hot Springs Resort wedding.  It is only a few hours from where we live and we do not charge travel or accommodation.  Ask us about our special Harrison Wedding Photography packages for your stunning event.  It will be an incredible experience in every way imaginable!

Harrison hot springs resort, bc wedding destination

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