Meet Kelowna Wedding Photographers Jessica & Andy

We are married photographers that live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of BC, Canada. 14 years together, and the addition of 3 amazing children to our family, has taught us the incredible value of every moment. As photographers, we have the job of freezing time - making the moments and emotions linger. Like a fine wine or whiskey, photos only get better as the years go on! It is such an honour to photograph for people, and we are incredibly passionate about our artistry.

It has been a privilege to photograph for some of the world's kindest people including Average Joes like us, Politicians, Professional Athletes, Hollywood Actors and Actresses. We specialize in Wedding Photography, Actors Portraits and Unit Stills photography for the film industry.

We started photographing weddings together in 2011. One of the reasons we fell in love with them so quickly was because of the diversity of challenges and opportunities we faced. On a wedding day you can encounter literally anything! Cute kids or furry pets, mushy gushy love, tears and laughter, weathered hands and years of wisdom. We photograph in bright sun, pouring rain, late night, early morning. Our day is fast paced, full of interactions with awesome people, and incredibly fun! Plus we are privileged to deliver each couple a set of stunning photographs that they can keep forever, long after the cake is eaten and the decor taken down. These images become treasured family heirlooms. It's the best job ever!

We are also very passionate about business, and helping others succeed in the wedding industry. Before becoming photographers full time, Andy owned a hardwood installation company and Jessica a marketing incorporation. For nearly two decades we have both owned our own companies, and been responsible for the business development, marketing, financing, scheduling, planning and growth of our corporations. This experience has amassed into well thought out knowledge and helpful resources that we love to share with other entrepreneurs and wedding photographers on the Jessandy Blog.

Send us an email any time to receive more information on our Okanagan wedding photography packages, to see more of our photography, or to view private movie stills galleries. Thanks for visiting!

Jessica & Andy

Vancouver wedding photographer
Vancouver wedding photographer
Vancouver wedding photographer

Jessica and Andy are Kelowna Wedding Photographers. We are a married couple who specialize in vibrant, perfectly lit lifestyle photography. We have 3 children and love working together! We are super passionate about what we do and so privileged to live and photograph in the beautiful Okanagan Valley where we call Kelowna home.

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